Sunday, June 14, 2009

Franz Wright Review

In Defense of Franz Wright

Why should I have to defend a poet who is capable of using the least amount of words with the most powerful impact? His critics have characterized his brevity as "matchbook sized" diary entries. I do not understand the grief that "higher forms of being" in the literature circles have given a man who has learned how to turn a world on a pin or a heart on its axis. When I bought Walking To Martha's Vineyard and read his poem THE WORD. I was amazed. Each word seemed to cut into my emotions like a razorblade. So simple, so secret, so... wise. In my "unschooled" opinion, this poet is a genius. And I know the work of his father James Wright... I enjoy his work less because it is more conventional and a bit contrived. The honesty and bravery of his son should make him proud... if not a bit jealous. "Whatever it was I lost, whatever I wept for was a wild, gentle thing." James Wright--- perhaps he was talking about his son. I am eagerly awaiting his next collection.


  1. Many thanks--but defend me from what or whom? I mean, a few good things have been said about me here and there. You should know that the literary world is filled with, poisoned with envy. People know I'm the real thing--that is partly what drives some of them insane. They know my father and I will be around when they are all forgotten. FW

  2. I just 'discovered' Franz Wright's work… and I am just beginning to understand what you mean when you describe it here. How exciting that FW responded with thanks for your kind words.