Saturday, August 22, 2009

Commercial for Investment Co.

Man in a dark suit and bowler hat comes out of the woods with a large birdcage filled with dollar bills, gets on his bicycle and pedals down the road. Next morning, dressed up again in a business suit, he cycles to a different part of the woods and hangs the cage with its door open in a tree. As he is pedaling home, there are crows flying into people's windows picking up dollar bills on their countertops, coffee tables, one flies over an elderly couple by a hotel pool and swipes the change from the alcoholic drinks they just bought. The crows keep bringing the money back to the birdcage until its full. Last scene is businessman cycling back home with cage filled with just a few dollar bills and a quarter. Slogan: Ameritrade, the professional way to make money.

Weight Loss Commercial

Seeing through the eye of the camera, the video camera pans over walrus's lounging on the beach. You can hear their loud calling and seagulls. The several people behind the video camera remark how it is walrus mating season. An overweight woman in her bathing suit runs down to the surf not to far from walrus's posing for the videocamera. She lies down posing on her side holding her head up with her arm.
She is unaware that a walrus is rapidly bouncing its way over to her with the intent of mating with her. She screams and runs towards the video camera. Shot of Weight Loss Co (like Jenny Craig or Nutrasystem) etched in the sand.

Commercial for DogFood

Show a large breed dog bending over with a smaller dog standing on his back, then an even smaller dog with a chihuaha on the top (like a pyramid of dogs). The chihuaha leans over the counter at the Pet Store asking for the brand of dogfood. The checkout girl's expression is she can't believe how tall the chihuaha is as she cant see the other dogs behind the counter. The chihuaha just smiles nervously, flexing his muscles: I work out.

DiGiorno Pizza Commercial

In the back bush, a group of aborigines are sitting around their campfire. The women are sewing. They are hitting mosquitos. It's obvious they're waiting for something. The sound of a helicopter overhead as the bushmen stand to their feet,
a Dominoes Pizza delivery guy is being lowered down from the helicopter with the pizzas. As the delivery guy is being hoisted back up, the bushmen eagerly open their pizza boxes which have soggy pizzas in them. They start shooting darts at the rising delivery guy hitting him in the rear. Next evening, the aborigine children are playing and dancing around the fire. One of their tribesman is walking a long way to find a Ralphs store and buys boxes of DiGiorno pizzas with trinkets. He returns to his tribe with the pizzas and everyone is excited eating Digiorno. They are dancing on the Dominoes pizza boxes from the night before. Slogan: if it's not Digiorno it isn't worth the wait.

Jeep Cherokee Commercial

Woman and two dogs hiking in the rain, walking down the muddy cliffs. Caked in mud, they hike back up the cliff where her jeep cherokee is parked. The dogs get into the back seat shaking mud and water until the inside windows are opaque with mud.
She gets into the drivers seat completely caked in mud. She backs up the jeep smiling at her happy dogs. Later that evening, the woman is wearing a beautiful gown. She checks herself out in the mirror and gives a parting smile to her now clean dogs lying by the fireplace. She walks out of the house down the driveway with a look of love on her face. Her jeep is waiting shining clean. She gets in the car pulls out of her driveway with opera music on. Slogan: The perfect vehicle for the split-personality. Love your Jeep.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Commercial for Menstrual Medicine

Visual of a white-picket fence house with the sounds of a chainsaw, the sound of a knife being sharpened, the dog hidding shivering in the corner with the cat. The front door opens and a woman with the face of Medusa (snakes around her face) holding a chainsaw saying: honey, I'm home! Husband approaches her with a glass of water and Midol. Show them sitting on the couch with the dog and cat all lovey dovey watching the Halloween (guy with white mask/chain saw) movie. Slogan: Isn't there enough drama in your life? Find relief: Midol.

Commercial for Carpet

Three year old boy ties a red cape around his neck and climbs up on a piano bench.
In his mind he is the comic book hero Superman. He concentrates with his arms outspread and propels himself off the piano bench. As he realizes that he's not flying but falling the expression on his face turns to "rut ro". His belly hits the carpet and he bounces off of it due to its plushness. His mother comes running and the next scene is the boy with his red cape flying behind him standing in front of a fan his mother turned on. Slogan: If you're gonna fly do it on a (brand name) carpet.

Commercial for Cell Phone Co.

Guy with cell phone in the city trying to figure out all the exotic buttons on his new phone. Scrolls through a couple of screens and decides to press a pink button.
In the stratosphere, a satellite dish is opening and arming a nuclear weapon.
The guy, unaware he has just started a nuclear war repeatedly asks into the phone:
Grandma? Can you hear me? Grandma?! Happy Birthday! Slogan: When simple is better.

Men's Shoe Commercial

In an executive conference room the camera goes round under the table visualizing the pantlegs and shoes of the execs. They are discussing an important corportate take-over. Camera focuses on italian pair of shoes that gets up, walks out of the conference room door, down the long ornate/posh hall to the bathroom. The bathroom door closes as you can still hear the muffled business discussion down the hall.
The pair of italian shoes emerge from the bathroom with a long piece of toilet paper attached to one of the shoes. Camera focuses on shoes walking back down the hall, goes through the conference room door. Sudden silence. Around the table the business men are leaning over to look at the piece of toilet paper on the italian shoe. Pan up to man who is wearing the italian shoes who cracks a confident smile. Slogan: Only your Versace's can save you now.

Mercedes Commercial

Man drives up to rural home in a black mercedes as it is getting dark. Parks next to a white BMW. He takes one last look at his car, scans the woods nervously and goes inside the house. As it becomes darker, the slender hand of a woman from the second floor window drops the mercedes key next to the driver's door. At the sound of the keys hitting the ground, a pack of black wolves come out of the woods . A fight breaks out between the alpha male and his pack-mates for possession of the keys. The next morning the man walks towards the mercedes and is blocked by the black alpha male growling and lowering his head protecting his keys. A couple of the black wolves are on its roof. The man checks his watch goes back inside, gets the keys to his wife's white BMW and reluctantly pulls away from the mercedes and wolves. A few minutes later, the wife comes out the front door very nicely dressed for an afternoon of shopping. As she approaches the mercedes and wolves she pulls out a roast and a couple of steaks petting the wolves. She gets in the mercedes smiling, adjusts her rear view mirror to see the grateful wolves taking their goodies back into the woods. Mercedes, the issue is who gets to drive it.

Commercial for Chloraseptic

Female opera soprano reaching a high note. Focus on stained glass windows of opera house slightly shaking. Female singer reaches into the folds of her skirt, sprays chloraseptic in her throat and blows out all the windows with her high note.

Commercial for Eco-Bulb

Completely dark circus tent with a single flashlight illuminating brief parts of elephants, lion act, trapeze act. Last scene is clown holding up a flashlight to his face as he dances for the crowd. ECO-BULB, Saving Energy is not a Comedy Act. Whole circus tent lights up with eco-bulbs. Flashes up into the star-strewn sky to a laughing star.

Commercial for Stain Remover

Cartoon black and white woman walking down a hall with her shadow (labeled stain) following her. She becomes more and more anxious, starts running from the shadow stain. Runs down stairs into underground parking lot, she turns and sprays shadow with Stain Remover product. Cartoon police drawing chalk around body of dead stain shadow while camera bulb flashes. SECURITY IN A BOTTLE.

Anti-Smoking Commercial

Anti-smoking commercial: Model runway. All models cat walk out in fashions made out of cigarretes, dresses, hats, blouses, shoes. Camera bulbs are popping and the audience seem very impressed with the designs. At the end of the show the models line up for photo's and smoke starts forming behind them. Then their clothing bursts into flames as the models run down the runway trying to put the fire out and the audience is horrified trying to get out of the building. SLOGAN: Some fashions are timeless; cigarettes are not.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Commercial Campaign for BUD LIGHT

In a series of commerdials there are 5 athletic, competitive guys and at the end of each activity or excursion one of them either gets out of a precarious situation or doesn't fare well.

First introductory commercial: 2 SUV's pull up to sea shoreline. The 5 guys unload 5 kayaks each a different color. The red kayak has a large seal sticker on it. They draw straws. Short straw gets the red kayak to which they tie 3 or 4 really bloody steaks to be pulled behind the kayak. Short straw guy is sweating profusely. They also unloaded beer and are taking them in their kayaks. First 4 guys paddle out quickly, turn about in a row to watch their friend become shark bait. He launches his red kayak with the meat behind it. A great white shark is watching him from below, recognizes the seal and then smells the blood. Short straw guy is paddling like crazy to get to his friends but the shark is coming closer, closer.
Short stick guy is sweating, heart pounding. His friends are bent over laughing.
As the shark is moving in for the kill smelling the blood, one of the other guys in his kayak nonchalantly pops open a beer for this spectator sport. In slow motion, a small drop of beer hits the surface of the water. They are all instantly aware of a "change of current" as the shark wheels around and makes a B line to beer drinking guy. Short straw guy is SOOOO relieved he stops paddling. Realizing what he's done beer guy stands up in his kayak and throws the beer. The shark flies out of the water and gulps can and all. Back at shore, beer guy is dragging his yellow kayak back to the SUV which has a huge shark bite on it. BUD LIGHT- CAN YOU SMELL IT?

Second excursion: 5 guys ice climbing. They draw straws to see who goes first.
Short straw guy looks up the face of the massive wall of ice as they pack their backpacks. One of the other guys notices a beer missing from their stash to be enjoyed after the climb. He shrugs it off. Once they start climbing and get really high up, the short straw guy in the lead looks down at his friends all tethered together. He pulls a beer out of his back pack and while he guzzles it, a stream of beer runs down the ice. As the beer drips by each climber they put their tongues against the ice to taste it. Their tongues get stuck to the ice. The short straw guy makes his way down and uses a battery operated hair blowdryer to thaw them out.
BUD LIGHT- CAN YOU TASTE IT? The short straw guy is blowdrying his hair like a model or rock star with rock music playing while the other guys are toasting and guzzling down the rest of the beer.

Third Excursion:

Commercial Idea: Red Bull

Today I thought of a great idea for a Red Bull commercial. Imagine a row of really huge T-rex's lining up in the desert, their lizard eyes shifting nervously. Then in front of them appears a tiny T-rex as if he is going to fight off these huge dinasours himself. The huge T-rex's start to smile deviously, clawing the dirt.
The little rex takes a Red Bull out of his "pocket" and guzzles it down.
Now the big rex's start backing up as the tiny rex steps towards them breathing fire. RED BULL... IT'S A PRIMORDIAL THING.