Friday, August 21, 2009

Men's Shoe Commercial

In an executive conference room the camera goes round under the table visualizing the pantlegs and shoes of the execs. They are discussing an important corportate take-over. Camera focuses on italian pair of shoes that gets up, walks out of the conference room door, down the long ornate/posh hall to the bathroom. The bathroom door closes as you can still hear the muffled business discussion down the hall.
The pair of italian shoes emerge from the bathroom with a long piece of toilet paper attached to one of the shoes. Camera focuses on shoes walking back down the hall, goes through the conference room door. Sudden silence. Around the table the business men are leaning over to look at the piece of toilet paper on the italian shoe. Pan up to man who is wearing the italian shoes who cracks a confident smile. Slogan: Only your Versace's can save you now.

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