Saturday, August 22, 2009

DiGiorno Pizza Commercial

In the back bush, a group of aborigines are sitting around their campfire. The women are sewing. They are hitting mosquitos. It's obvious they're waiting for something. The sound of a helicopter overhead as the bushmen stand to their feet,
a Dominoes Pizza delivery guy is being lowered down from the helicopter with the pizzas. As the delivery guy is being hoisted back up, the bushmen eagerly open their pizza boxes which have soggy pizzas in them. They start shooting darts at the rising delivery guy hitting him in the rear. Next evening, the aborigine children are playing and dancing around the fire. One of their tribesman is walking a long way to find a Ralphs store and buys boxes of DiGiorno pizzas with trinkets. He returns to his tribe with the pizzas and everyone is excited eating Digiorno. They are dancing on the Dominoes pizza boxes from the night before. Slogan: if it's not Digiorno it isn't worth the wait.

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