Thursday, August 20, 2009

Commercial Campaign for BUD LIGHT

In a series of commerdials there are 5 athletic, competitive guys and at the end of each activity or excursion one of them either gets out of a precarious situation or doesn't fare well.

First introductory commercial: 2 SUV's pull up to sea shoreline. The 5 guys unload 5 kayaks each a different color. The red kayak has a large seal sticker on it. They draw straws. Short straw gets the red kayak to which they tie 3 or 4 really bloody steaks to be pulled behind the kayak. Short straw guy is sweating profusely. They also unloaded beer and are taking them in their kayaks. First 4 guys paddle out quickly, turn about in a row to watch their friend become shark bait. He launches his red kayak with the meat behind it. A great white shark is watching him from below, recognizes the seal and then smells the blood. Short straw guy is paddling like crazy to get to his friends but the shark is coming closer, closer.
Short stick guy is sweating, heart pounding. His friends are bent over laughing.
As the shark is moving in for the kill smelling the blood, one of the other guys in his kayak nonchalantly pops open a beer for this spectator sport. In slow motion, a small drop of beer hits the surface of the water. They are all instantly aware of a "change of current" as the shark wheels around and makes a B line to beer drinking guy. Short straw guy is SOOOO relieved he stops paddling. Realizing what he's done beer guy stands up in his kayak and throws the beer. The shark flies out of the water and gulps can and all. Back at shore, beer guy is dragging his yellow kayak back to the SUV which has a huge shark bite on it. BUD LIGHT- CAN YOU SMELL IT?

Second excursion: 5 guys ice climbing. They draw straws to see who goes first.
Short straw guy looks up the face of the massive wall of ice as they pack their backpacks. One of the other guys notices a beer missing from their stash to be enjoyed after the climb. He shrugs it off. Once they start climbing and get really high up, the short straw guy in the lead looks down at his friends all tethered together. He pulls a beer out of his back pack and while he guzzles it, a stream of beer runs down the ice. As the beer drips by each climber they put their tongues against the ice to taste it. Their tongues get stuck to the ice. The short straw guy makes his way down and uses a battery operated hair blowdryer to thaw them out.
BUD LIGHT- CAN YOU TASTE IT? The short straw guy is blowdrying his hair like a model or rock star with rock music playing while the other guys are toasting and guzzling down the rest of the beer.

Third Excursion:

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