Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jeep Cherokee Commercial

Woman and two dogs hiking in the rain, walking down the muddy cliffs. Caked in mud, they hike back up the cliff where her jeep cherokee is parked. The dogs get into the back seat shaking mud and water until the inside windows are opaque with mud.
She gets into the drivers seat completely caked in mud. She backs up the jeep smiling at her happy dogs. Later that evening, the woman is wearing a beautiful gown. She checks herself out in the mirror and gives a parting smile to her now clean dogs lying by the fireplace. She walks out of the house down the driveway with a look of love on her face. Her jeep is waiting shining clean. She gets in the car pulls out of her driveway with opera music on. Slogan: The perfect vehicle for the split-personality. Love your Jeep.

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