Friday, August 21, 2009

Mercedes Commercial

Man drives up to rural home in a black mercedes as it is getting dark. Parks next to a white BMW. He takes one last look at his car, scans the woods nervously and goes inside the house. As it becomes darker, the slender hand of a woman from the second floor window drops the mercedes key next to the driver's door. At the sound of the keys hitting the ground, a pack of black wolves come out of the woods . A fight breaks out between the alpha male and his pack-mates for possession of the keys. The next morning the man walks towards the mercedes and is blocked by the black alpha male growling and lowering his head protecting his keys. A couple of the black wolves are on its roof. The man checks his watch goes back inside, gets the keys to his wife's white BMW and reluctantly pulls away from the mercedes and wolves. A few minutes later, the wife comes out the front door very nicely dressed for an afternoon of shopping. As she approaches the mercedes and wolves she pulls out a roast and a couple of steaks petting the wolves. She gets in the mercedes smiling, adjusts her rear view mirror to see the grateful wolves taking their goodies back into the woods. Mercedes, the issue is who gets to drive it.

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